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Cagliero Formation


Volunteers in the Cagliero Project are constantly undergoing formation. Formation is central to the success of a volunteer in their placement. We consider formation to be the most important part of undertaking an experience as a Cagliero volunteer. Volunteers attend a pre-departure formation and training program and are provided with formation throughout their placement and a debrief program upon their return.

The purpose of our pre-departure formation and training is to prepare our volunteers for their experience. Upon acceptance, our volunteers attend two separate formation retreats prior to departure. These two programs covers three major areas. The first is to learn and understand Salesianity and what it means to volunteer in a Salesian context. The second area considers the emotional and psychological preparation necessary to undertake a volunteer experience. The final area is cultural preparation for the specific destination country and general discussion on culture. Throughout the course of the program a number of returned volunteers come and share their stories about their volunteer experience. This is often the most valuable part of the program for new volunteers. At the end of the second retreat there is a commissioning ceremony.

The program runs at Don Bosco Camp in Safety Beach, one hour outside of Melbourne. All transport, meals and accommodation are provided during the program. The following is a list of topics that are covered during the pre-departure formation and training program:

Salesian preparation

  • Cagliero philosophies
  • Getting to know Don Bosco
  • Living in community
  • Salesian leadership in action
  • Practical Salesianity
  • Don Bosco camp engagement

Cross-cultural preparation

  • Cross cultural issues/Entering into a new culture
  • Country specific information
  • Language preparation
  • Teaching in an ESL classroom
  • Development principles

Psychological preparation

  • Myers Briggs personality
  • Developing a care plan
  • Emotional intelligence
  • DASS stress scale
  • Developing a support group

After our volunteers have left for their placements they are required to keep in touch with the Cagliero Project office via email and phone. The Cagliero Project staff support the volunteers while overseas and continue with their formation. Volunteers undertaking a twelve month placement will be visited by a member of the Cagliero Project office. Further formation and training opportunities are also provided by the host community – these include faith formation, language training and Salesian training.

Upon arriving home to Australia the volunteers attend a series of debriefing sessions with the Cagliero Project staff to help settle back into life. Returned volunteers are able to choose to undertake counselling with the support of the Cagliero Project. Returned volunteers are also invited to help prepare new volunteers at pre-departure formation and training retreats.

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Immersion 2020

July 1st – July 15th, 2020

Location: Samoa
We will visit and contribute in the various Salesian schools, parishes and works throughout Samoa and will have the opportunity to immerse in Samoan culture.

$3000 including airfares, insurance, accommodation and most meals.

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Young people and adults aged 16 or over .
As in previous years we will be looking for a mix of school students, young teachers and young adults involved in Salesian works (16 – 30 years of age).

A mandatory formation weekend will take place on May 22nd – May 24th at Don Bosco Camp, Safety Beach.
All costs are covered for this weekend except for transport costs to and from the venue.

For any information please contact us.
Phone (03) 9377 6000

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